So Long Akari, Hello Momoiro Clover… Z?

As many Momoiro Clover fans already know, Hayami Akari(blue) has officially left the group. David, Tron, and I have been discussing what may become of Momoclo after Akari leaves, mainly about what new member may join the group.

Funnily, it never occurred to us that they wouldn’t be bringing in a new member at all. I’m not disappointed that they’re not interested in bringing in a new recruit(though I still think six members for Momoclo was perfect), but I am a little confused about what they’re doing to their name now that Akari has left.

The name ‘Momoiro Clover’ is no more, apparently, to make way for the ALL-NEW, fresh, and awesome name to symbolize their new start as a five-member group: Momoiro Clover…Z.

I’m not a fan of this re-branding. All this name evokes for me is ‘Dragonball Z’, ‘Mazinga Z’, ‘Powerpuff Girls Z’, ‘Peelander Z’, and all the other Japanese titles that already have the letter ‘Z’ arbitrarily attached to the end of their names. Why did they feel this was necessary at all? For me, it’s an unwelcome change.

It’s personal preference and not a huge deal, but it’ll bug me for a while. Momoclo losing a member and adding a syllable is just the start of my worries, but looking at the remaining members, I still have a little voice in the back of my mind telling me they’ll be just fine.


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