Singing vs Dancing

I was watching Momoiro Clover perform at the Tokyo Idol Festival singing with live mics, and all I could think while watching was: Why?

Their physical routine proved to be a hindrance for the vocals they were trying to achieve, and the overall performance suffered for it.  What confused me even more was that they were singing WITH the voice-over track on, making solo lines sound like two people singing.

So what was the point?  If they can’t do it, make them lipsync; don’t compromise everything by meeting halfway.  Tone down the running around if you want them to showcase vocals, or let them lip-sync and focus on dancing.  I enjoyed the performance but it was plenty rough around the edges.

By the time they get to their final song, KoKo-Natsu, they’re completely cashed.  The vocals were barely there, riddled with gaps simply because they didn’t have any breath.  thankfully the voice-overs were there to fill those gaps and help keep the vocals in tune.  Still, it’s amazing that they were able to give out as much energy as they did and pull out a fun performance.

New things I realized from this event:

-I like Momoka Ariyasu’s(green) voice.

-Shiori Tamai(yellow) is prettier than I initially thought.

One thing that this show confirmed for me:


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