Ch-ch-ch-Cherry Bomb! Silent Siren Concert Report 20160724

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Hello, Daddy. Hello, Mom.

Do you know Silent Siren? Yoshida Sumire (Suu), Umemura Hinako (Hinachu), Yamauchi Aina (Ainyan), and Kurosaka Yukako (Yukarun) comprise this foursome of musicians who play pop and rock with a cute idol-like flair. The group, called “SaiSai” by their fans, had a date with San Francisco at the recently completed J-Pop Summit Festival. Festival goers were given unprecedented access to the group with Meet and Greet sessions, an audience participation Question and Answer session, “High Touch” events, and a performance and the main stage of the J-Pop Summit. The group is so well-received that Silent Siren had the honor of closing the 2016 edition of J-Pop Summit with their energetic and rocking performance sprinkled with sugar and magic.

Silent Siren began in 2010 when a couple of models for “CUTiE” magazine decided to further their interest in music. Suu and Hinachu became the guitar/vocal and drum core of SaiSai. Eventually the two models cum musicians recruited Ainyan and Yukarun on bass and keyboards respectively. The group’s debut single “Sweet Pop!” from November of 2012 reached #23 on the Weekly Oricon Singles Chart. Silent Siren’s latest single release “alarm” recently cracked the top five weekly chart for the first time in the group’s career; and their most recent album, “S” reached number three on the Weekly Oricon Album Chart. With this upward trajectory, the timing seemed perfect for an overseas appearance at San Francisco’s J-Pop Summit.

When a foursome of models decide to form a band, one should be skeptical of the results. It is no use hiding the fact that a group’s visual presentation is a major obstacle that most rock acts need to overcome. In this visual arena, a group of cute girls has an advantage over scruffy garage-bred bands. I won’t mix words here: SaiSai are a group of cute girls. Can they rock? The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

Silent Siren impress me especially with their rhythm section. Hinachu holds the beat steadily and proves herself adept drumming the pop styles and rock fills of the group with a quickness necessary for a group’s success. To put this in more layman’s terms, she ain’t afraid of smacking the drums around. In the other 50% of the equation, Ainyan plays with unexpected technical skill. Ainyan’s solid finger pick style and willingness to slap and pop her bass are welcome in any band.

Over this solid foundation, Suu and Yukarun provide a pleasing melodic layer. Suu’s voice fits the mold of cute vocalists, but also gives the group a well-rehearsed, tuneful performance. Aside from providing keyboards to the groups’ arrangements, Yukarun works tirelessly leading cheers and providing background vocals. As it should be, these two girls are free to perform with unabashed enthusiasm with the well-oiled rhythm machine holding them up.

And, perform Silent Siren can do well. SaiSai enthusiastically brought the crowds together with their summer anthem opener “Beach Sandals” and their more recent “August Night”. Those in attendance who were more familiar with anime found Silent Siren’s performance of “Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~” familiarly moving (the SaiSai version of the classic song was used as the theme for the live-action television special adaptation of the “anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day”). Altogether, Silent Siren’s set for J-Pop Summit gave the audience a solid, easily accessible, and fun performance. This author highly recommends catching the group’s performance when possible.

Silent Siren bring their full set to Los Angeles and San Francisco with “Silent Siren S World Tour 2016”. You can see Silent Siren in Los Angeles at the Musicians Institute Concert Hall on September 30, 2016 and in San Francisco at Slims on October 2, 2016.

Photo Gallery: Silent Siren at J-Pop Summit 20160724

Silent Siren SET LIST at J-Pop Summit 2016 (courtesy of @yukariai966)

  1. Beach Sandals (ビーサン)
  2. August Night (八月の夜)
  3. Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~ (secret base~君がくれたもの~)
  4. What Show is it ?
  5. Cherry Bomb (チェリボム)
  6. Wonderland Round and Round(ぐるぐるワンダーランド)

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