‘Sayonara, Arigatou’: TGS Gets Nostalgic

There was initial confusion to whether or not Tokyo Girls’ Style’s ‘Kodou no Himitsu‘ was going to be released as a single or an album-exclusive song, but it’s been revealed to be put out in a double-A side release: ‘Kodou no Himitsu’ and ‘Sayonara, Arigatou’. Luckily, the PV for ‘Sayonara, Arigatou’ had surfaced around the same time I found out about it so I was able to check it out without wasted time.

Tokyo Girls’ Style has proven to me since the eve of 2010 that they were a group worth following. It may not follow the traditional sound of idol music, but the group has released well-produced songs and PVs with great polish that brought something different to the table; it’s one of the few perks of being backed by Avex, and ‘Sayonara, Arigatou’ is another unique addition to Tokyo Girls’ Style’s diverse library.

I think this single is great; it utilizes nearly every trick in the songbook to create a heart-stirring melody that one could imagine being used at the end of a sad, emotionally-draining drama that would turn a man into a bawling baby. Tokyo Girls’ Style is becoming known for their exceptionally well-produced sound, from the voice recording to the musical track, and it definitely works in favor of this song and its message. Everything sounds pristine and comparable in quality to be on par with popular musical artists.

The PV is an attractive package. It has a keen sense of art design in every facet— even the prop camera lends itself to the video’s very specific aesthetic. The premise of girls of this age feeling nostalgic and bittersweet about the “past” was hard to take seriously at the first viewing, but I suppose it works in a “summer camp BFFs 4ever” kind of way. It’s also presented in a grand style, offering an impressive number of very different locations throughout. To keep from looking disorganized, the PV uses warm and cool color schemes to differentiate the past and present.

The only thing that bugs me from Tokyo Girls’ Style is something that they can’t help; their age. Well to be more specific, their voices because of their age. With their age range averaging out at around 13 years old, their voices have limitations and lack that fuller sound; I have the same problems with early C-ute and Berryz Kobou songs. It’s pretty minor, but I can only imagine how much better they’ll sound in the coming years. Almost every Tokyo Girls’ Style single has been wildly different, while still being maintaining a distinct style. Who knows what kind of songs they have in store for the future?



‘Sayonara, Arigatou’
Tokyo Girls’ Style
Releases May 18th, 2011


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