Rap battle of the century: Rhymeberry vs…

Today marks the return of Rhymeberry to the music charts. The three MCs and one DJ have been quiet for over six months but just over a year ago, the hip-hop sub group stormed the idol world and won the hearts of many here at New School Kaidan. Yoshi did a write up so if you need some background check it out.

Their new single Winter Jam will hit Japan later today. A delicious sample can be found here.

But during a meeting last night, I was introduced by NSK staff member Chase, to another female group that could offer Rhymeberry some competition in the rap department.

They’ve got skills no doubt. Flow and style is what it’s about. But do they have what it takes to compete. Read more and decide based purely on beat.


So here they are. The simply named Obachan is a seven member “idol” group from the Kansai region. Labeled as Osaka’s New Heroines, this is their signature song…

“Theme of Obachan”

For something that kind of comes off as a joke, there is a legitimacy to it. They’ve done promotions and even a live event. There’s even a Super Hero CM starring one of the members.

What do you think? Do they have a chance?

Comments below!

If more evidence is needed before deciding, I highly advise you to check out the Obareggae PV.

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