Project Flower Banner: Momoclo Los Angeles

Hello fans of Momoclo and fans of Idols,

As you may have heard, Momoiro Clover Z will be coming to America to perform in Los Angeles on November 17th.

This is part of the First U.S. Tour and will be their first actual solo concert in the continental US. (Sorry, I’m not counting their appearance at Anime Expo 2015).

So we want to make sure they get a warm welcome and feel the support coming from fans.

In Japan, it is common practice for fans to take it upon themselves to organize items to supplement solo events. One such item is the Flower Banner. These are used by fans and also by Japanese businesses to commemorate the event, show support of the artists, and of course to wish them luck.

For example:
idolmaster-flower-bannerThese are from Idolm@ster and use balloons instead of flowers, but that’s the main gist.

I’ve already contaced a local flower shop in L.A. and the price is about $100 for each.

I am for certain going to get one made for the group. But I would love to get one made for each member in their own color as well.

I have made a GoFundMe page asking for $550 dollars. For every hundred we hit, it will mean another Flower Banner can be made.

So that is what the money will be used for.

$100 x 5 = $500

One for each member.
The rest of the money will be used to cover delivery costs and transportation of the items.

Here is a picture of how the lobby for The Wiltern Theater looks. Wouldn’t it look much nicer if it was lined with flowers?

So if you’re able to, Please donate even just even a couple bucks as it’ll all add up in the end.

For those of you not able to make the show, here’s a way for you to still be involved and show your support.

Please help us in giving the girls a warm welcome to the United States.

Thank you so much for your time,

David from NSK


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