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This Week in Music 04.10.2013

After last week’s slew of new releases, this week sees us taking a little bit of a breather. Don’t worry though, there’s still some great new things out this week. We’re just concentrating the awesome a little more than usual. Let’s get into it shall we?  

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too soon.

satoshi kon, the creator of many of my favorite anime and films, passed away on august 24th at 46 years old.  he was a pioneer in animation, pushing genres and blowing away stereotypes to create a broader and more versatile medium.  few were better than satoshi kon at showing us …

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SKE48 impressions

i’ll admit it, i haven’t listened to a ske48 single all the way through.  i only heard bits and pieces of them when they would be advertised inbetween AKBINGO episodes, and i haven’t gone out of my way to look them up. there are ske members that i’ve taken notice …

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