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Eh? What's This?

[youtube=] Holy crap, totally missed an AKB48 single. I think it’s a collaboration with another group as I don’t recognize half of the girls. Anyone have any information? David

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Awe Crap…

LMAObrigade sent me a recommendation for a TV Drama to watch. It all started with him mentioning Kutsuna Shiori, who was the center for Pocky commercials for a while. The ones with Orange Range – Oshare Banchou as the song. I looked into the show and also immediately recognized Kojima …

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Watanabe Mayu Raps?

[youtube=] AKB48 Team B member Watanabe Mayu, nicknamed Mayuyu in this video does a sort of half rap introduction.  Then the teacher asks if she can “scratch,” she starts to have some problems. Yo, Come On! David

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