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1st AKB Draft Results

A few months back, Dae and I out of curiosity and boredom simulated a mock draft. Much like fantasy sports we went down the list and selected our favorite members while trying to keep them away from the other. It became kind of a psychological battle as we both knew …

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The Shift.

After nearly a year of simmering, it finally got cooking.  Since the new members of AKB were announced last October, they’ve more or less been benched when it came to media pushes.  But since July there have been significant changes. Maeda Ami, Ooya Shizuka, Sato Sumire, Komori Mika, and Ishida …

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the battle for B-sides

AKB48’s 18th single b-side members will be decided by the fans via ‘Pigg’, an online, virtual space where fans create avatars to wander and converse with others, sometimes with surprise visits from akb members themselves with their own custom avatars. members have been divided into ten groups, each with their …

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