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New PV Alert: Perfume – Mugen Mirai

From the city to the stark natural architecture, Perfume deliver their theme to the “Chihayafuru -musubi-” movie. “Mugen Mirai” sees the trio in some fantastic landscapes where the wind flows through the black gauze of their outfits. A bit of witchery is at play with “Mugen Mirai” as though the …

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New PV Alert: AKB48 – Ja-ba-ja

Back with the lead track from their 51st single release, AKB48 bring it back to the schoolyard with Ja-ba-ja. A lengthy intro introduces us the setting (high school) and the length senbatsu list. The band tunes up real quick and the music starts. The mid-tempo funk jam puts the horns …

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Party Rockets GT – NON STOP ROCK (9th Single)

Party Rockets GT profile image

Party Rockets GT will welcome the new members and release as a new organization, acting on catch phrases, “Let’s enjoy the fun like a party of rock and the big dreams of teens!” [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information CD Track List 01. NON STOP ROCK 02. …

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