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New PV Alert: ANGERME – Dreamed for 15 years

The journey that started with “Yumemiru 15” ends with “Yumemita 15 (夢見た 15年)” and perhaps the most significant Hello! Project graduation since C-ute. Given the English title “Dreamed for 15 years”, the new ANGERME song fills itself with memories of the Hello! Project leader’s tenure in the projects. Lyrics by …

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New PV Alert: SCANDAL – Masterpiece

SCANDAL releases their “Masterpiece (マスターピース)” this week, and here for your approval is their new promotional video. The foursome, in action since 2006, get some dirty grooves going down in the intros for “Masterpiece”. Performing on a soundstage flanked by what most likely is their LED set piece for their …

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New PV Alert: CY8ER – Time trip

Second in CY8ER’s set of monthly singles is the bass and bells of “Time trip(タイムトリップ)”. Rinahamu has her girls singing like chimes over the ringing beats of the arrangement. “Trip trip” is less of a gazy trip and more of a pulse pumping dance trip. The enlivened pace should please …

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