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New PV Alert: 963 (kurumi) – NEW

High School Girls rap duo 963 (read: kurumi) come at us with a lazy summer promotional video timed to the release of their first album. In “NEW”, Pi-piru and Re-yuru keep a walking pace as they venture about time in their school uniforms and matching Nike. For the duration of …

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monogatari – Mōikkai kimi ni suki to ienai (10th Single)

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This summer’s killer tune! Monoga, New Single! “Monogatari”, commonly known as monoga. Average age 15 years old. “Monogatari free five big cities one-man tour 2018 – Eh? Mongha is casual!” Finished the whole schedule. In the final Tokyo performance (Shibuya WWW X), “monogatari” concluded the tour with overcrowding enough to …

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Lore says that the name Donkey Kong was meant to conjure images of a stubborn ape (donkey = stubborn and kong = King Kong). Well, with the promotional video of Koto’s “LONELY KONG” we get plenty of apes in the computerized backgrounds complete with bananas and a “K” baseball cap. …

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