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New PV Alert: Qumali Depart – Answer!!

In their third appearance in the New PV Alerts, Qumali Depart upgrade their cute factor with a live-performance style promotional video. The foursome wear the long t-shirts bearing (what I suppose are) member colors. The choreography is bubbling and energetic, and the girls put their best sides forward for a …

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New PV Alert: Perfume – Future Pop

“Future Pop” from Perfume puts the girls in a fiction where live performances of the trio are blended with animation to produce the uncanny valley. The promotional video visits a few of the group’s past promotional videos set to the new wondrous sounds of the group’s new album. In “Future …

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New PV Alert: E-girls – Perfect World

E-girls get up to their latest dance spectacular with their promotional video for “Perfect World”. The group’s new digital single finds them in the mood for Autumn with the girls decked in warm earth tones. The performance space for the latest single probably looks like someone’s ideal college dorm somewhere …

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