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New PV Alert: Q’ulle – EMOTION

Take out your leathers, grab your Harley, and rock along to the latest from Q’ulle. The girls do it in the empty parking garage, in the subterranean passageways, and with the lights blinking. Q’ulle seem to do their best playing tough like they do here in “EMOTION” with drums pounding …

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New PV Alert: EMPiRE – EMPiRE originals

EMPiRE begins the promotional cycle for their new mini album (available on CASSETTE) with the new promotional video for “EMPiRE originals”. Like their outfits suggest, two distinct modes dominate the promotionala video: brightly lit studio shots and darkly atmospheric nighttime choreography. The studio shots obscure the members with filters and …

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Iikubo Haruna graduates from Morning Musume ’18

Morning Musume '18 profile image

Iikubo Haruna (24), the subleader of Morning Musume ’18, announced her graduation from both her group and Hello! Project early this morning. Translated statements state that Harunan will continue in the entertainment industries, although specific plans were not discussed. Haruna will continue with Morning Musume ’18 and Hello! Project until …

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tipToe. – thirdShoes. (Limited Single)

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thirdShoes. [Limited Edition] / tipToe. An idol group “tipToe.” That is formed based on the organization formed in December 2016 “Act as a young as everyone?” Concept. Featuring a refreshing royal road pop sound reconstructed in contemporary style incorporating freshly sentimental visuals with youth and school motifs and Shibuya system, …

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New PV Alert: 963 (kurumi) – NEW

High School Girls rap duo 963 (read: kurumi) come at us with a lazy summer promotional video timed to the release of their first album. In “NEW”, Pi-piru and Re-yuru keep a walking pace as they venture about time in their school uniforms and matching Nike. For the duration of …

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monogatari – Mōikkai kimi ni suki to ienai (10th Single)

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This summer’s killer tune! Monoga, New Single! “Monogatari”, commonly known as monoga. Average age 15 years old. “Monogatari free five big cities one-man tour 2018 – Eh? Mongha is casual!” Finished the whole schedule. In the final Tokyo performance (Shibuya WWW X), “monogatari” concluded the tour with overcrowding enough to …

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