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Pyxis – LONELY ALICE (3rd Single)

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Pyxis, the long-awaited 3rd single is decided as the ending theme of the TV anime “あ す す or あ す す” scheduled to be broadcasted from April 2018! It is finished in a cute and pop dance tune like Pyxis. The first limited edition A comes with a DVD …

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New PV Alert: Juice=Juice – SEXY SEXY

Sexy synth waves start things off for “SEXY SEXY”, the latest Juice=Juice promotional video. Breathy vocals whisper “SEXY SEXY” in your ear before more vocal fireworks erupt from the throats of some of Hello! Project’s best group of vocalists (just LISTEN to Dambara Ruru!). The sounds and looks of computer …

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New PV Alert: Yoshida Rinne – BQN

[Note: This promotional video is currently blocked in North America] The latest jam from Yoshida Rinne gets a promotional video release. BQN is the lead track from Rinne’s forthcoming “Seventeen” album, and presents straight forward, no-nonsense rap over rock. Guitars crunch over the funky beats while 8-bit sounds fill out …

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New PV Alert: Tokimeki♡Sendenbu – TRAP

You’ve seen those car karaoke videos, right? If you’re unaware, celebrities take their late night talk show interview inside a moving car and sing along to the radio to enliven the moment. Well, Tokimeki Sendenbu have the idol equivalent with their promotional video for “TRAP”. In a clearly moving vehicle …

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