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New PV Alert: Chuning Candy – S.T.L.

Chuning Candy put their Okinawan perspective on summer on display with their new promotional “S.T.L.”. The song’s title, which I’m convinced stands for “Summer Time Love” probably makes you think about the beach, and this would be right up in the group’s wheelhouse. But, “S.T.L.” puts Chuning Candy in a …

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New PV Alert: Q’ulle – Natsushirube

Did you know Q’ulle have a digital single set for release? Well, to help that release along, the girls deliver a promotional video that features them and a lucky group of fans on the grassy pitch of an area school. “Natsushirube” seems a relaxed affair where Q’ulle interacted closely with …

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Yanakoto Sotto Mute – MIRRORS (2nd Album)

Even if you gently mute the daily life full of bad things, I do not solve anything, For the time being, I will try singing with melody that does not turn into rock sound. Activities began in June 2016, while being an idol group, with alternative sound that boasts overwhelming …

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