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New PV Alert: Tokyo Performance Doll – TRICK U

[NOTE: This promotional video is currently blocked in North America] Truthfully, I’ve been waiting for this release with anticipation. Remember that funky looking Tokyo Performance Domo video from NHK world? Well, Tokyo Performance Doll are growing up nicely with the new decidedly adult looking “TRICK U”. Lipstick red and midriffs …

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SUPER☆GiRLS graduation announcements!

SUPER☆GiRLS profile image

  During a concert held in Tokyo on February 16, 2018, Shimura Rika (25) and Tanaka Mirei (21) announced their graduations from SUPER☆GiRLS. Tanaka will graduate from the group on March 31, while Shimura will graduate at the June 24th “SUPER ☆ GiRLS LIVE TOUR 2018 Tokyo Performance”.     …

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Tokyo Performance Doll – TRICK U (6th Single)

On March 14 (Wednesday), as the single will be released for the first time in about 1 year and 7 months “6 TRICK U” will be released! The title song “TRICK U” debuted as Heavenstamp, Sally # Cinnamon, who is offering lyrics to Superfly, is in charge of lyrics, and …

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New PV Alert: Fullfull☆Pocket – Tokyo Shoujo

They were once called Karat☆, but now as Fullfull☆Pocket the girls finally get their first album release. “KaraFull” nods to their past moniker and provides a nifty homonym (filtered through the Japanese language) for a nice descriptor. The celebration comes with some collateral damage: original members Miia and Alice are …

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