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NEO JAPONISM – Carry ON (1st Single)

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NEO SOUND, NEO CULTURE, who is aiming for performance “Whatever you can listen, enjoy it even if you dance” Idol group. Catchy band sound, catchy like to imitate easy choreography, aim to provide live space not ever. NEO SOUND,NEO CULTURE を掲げ、誰が “聴いても觀ても踊っても楽しめる”パフォーマンスを目指すアイドルグループ。 キャッチーなバンドサウンド、キャッチーな真似しやすい振り付けで、今までにないライブ空間の提供を目指す。 [note: translation via Google Translate]     …

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New PV Alert: Toricago – Mori

New idol group Toricago make their first appearance on the new PV Alerts with the ethereal visuals of “Mori” With executive production by member/producer Tamuco, lyrics by member Karaage, and an arrangement credited to the group, Toricago appears to be that group where the members take directly control of their …

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New PV Alert: EMPiRE – S.O.S.

With their promotional video from their “EMPiRE originals” cassette release, EMPiRE make like Max on Fury Road. That is to say, EMPiRE are strapped to the front of trucks wearing muzzles like some freaky bondage routine. Putting its members in unlikely situations isn’t new to WACK, but here EMPiRE’s predicament …

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New PV Alert: HAMIDASYSTEM – Yo no hakoniwa

With the ambitious plan of release five promotional videos on consecutive days, HAMIDASYSTEM starts their nationwide distribution act with the PV for “Yo no hakoniwa”. Colored in the cool light, HAMIDASYSTEM play at a languid pace with unnervingly long bass tones underlying the spook of a melody. Likewise, the girls …

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Obento Idole – Hikari Resume (3rd Single)

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Even if any pinch visits, even if you lose important friends, it is a song with a strong will that runs straight forward without stopping. “Hikari” is a strong feeling of thinking someone like a star, gentle feelings shining on someone like the moon. Continue to run with strength and …

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