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New PV Alert: FEMM – Plastic

FEMM, duo of mannequins, make their first appearance on the New PV Alerts with their new promotional video in support of their forthcoming “dollhouse” digital album. Probably best known for their triggering titled song “Fxxk Boyz Get Money”, FEMM do a convincing job of immersing the viewer into a digital …

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New PV Alert: Keyakizaka46 – Ambivalent

Drama builds heavy on the promotional video for Keyakizaka46’s 7th single. Hirate Yurina navigates the curved hallways with her group mates lying depleted at intervals along her path. Her steady walk becomes frantic dance steps resembling a full body convulsion. Like a director, Hirate commands the girls to get up; …

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New PV Alert: HOLY SHiTS: WACK is SHiT

Continuing its quest to become an alt idol version of Hello! Project, we are treated to another of WACK’s shuffle units. BiSH’s CENT CHiHiRO CHiCCHi; GANG PARADE’s Can GP Maika; BiS’s PERi UBU, MUROPANAKO, and TORiAEZ HANA; and EMPiRE’s MAHO EMPiRE compose the scatalogical HOLY SHiTS. Their release “WACK is …

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