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New PV Alert: Aimyon – Harunohi

A new single from singer/songwriter Aimyon puts the talent out in the elements for a more relaxed feeling. Aimyon spends much of “Harunohi (ハルノヒ)” in singer in front of a windmill with the wind blowing her long, jet black hair across her face. Other outdoor scenes finds her in an …

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New PV Alert: Oyasumi Hologram – plan

In the artificial world of promotional videos, Oyasumi Hologram have taken things to even further artifice with their promotional video for “plan”. The length 12 minute clip looks like a music show straight from the 80s with its mish-mash of fashion from the guests. When the time come for Oyasumi …

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New PV Alert: ANGERME – Dreamed for 15 years

The journey that started with “Yumemiru 15” ends with “Yumemita 15 (夢見た 15年)” and perhaps the most significant Hello! Project graduation since C-ute. Given the English title “Dreamed for 15 years”, the new ANGERME song fills itself with memories of the Hello! Project leader’s tenure in the projects. Lyrics by …

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