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Costume corner #1: AKB48 & HKT48

Hello, and welcome to the Costume Corner! It’s been a while, but I’m back from the lethal fog of schoolwork to bring to light the separate aspects of 48 Group/Nogizaka46 costumes that help the members shine as brightly as possible. I’ve reviewed three costumes for this article, so let’s go …

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A promise to you

As we’ve mentioned before, NSK is gonna be going to and having a get together at Idol Matsuri in June. So here’s my promise to you. If you make it out, you’re gonna have a good time with us. Among other planned, and soon to be announced activities, I will …

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Word of Mouth, Feb 12th

Word of Mouth Podcast

Here is the news since we last saw you David speaks to Dae Lee about: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Exclusive Event Nishikawa and Berryz’ Kumai, Was it actually harassment? The Return of Country Musume?!? Feel free to leave your comments, opinions, or anything we messed up on. [download] Catch up on …

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