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New PV Alert: meme tokyo – Retrofuture

New tunes from the meme tokyo five-some with their kaleidoscopic “Retrofuture (レトロフューチャー)”. This latest song has a bit of swing to its lavishly adorned sets. Like their older sister group, meme tokyo lays the swiftly changing genre game well. In my limited exposure to the group, I find myself …

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Hachimitsu Rocket – ROCKET FUTURE (5th Single)

Description Honey rocket single for the first time in about half a year. The title song is a song that will be positioned as a new standard song for the group, with Takashi Asano working on many songs such as KinKi Kids,, and TEAM SHACHI. (C) RS はちみつロケットの約半年ぶりのシングル。表題曲は作家にKinKi Kids、でんぱ組.inc、TEAM …

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Hoshizaki Kana – Hoshizora songwriter (2nd Single)

Description Also active as AIKATSU STARS! A single of Hanazaki Hanazaki, the most promising singer who will be attracted by her powerful and powerful singing voice! (C) RS AIKATSU☆STARS!としても活躍!伸びやかでパワフルな歌声が魅力の今後最も期待すべきシンガー、星咲花那のシングル! (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Tracklist Information CD Track List 1. 星空ソングライター 2. Try! Try! Try! + instrumental   …

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New PV Alert: Hoshizaki Kana – Song Flower

Former Aikatsu Stars vocalist Hoshizaki Kana gets her solo career off the ground with the release of “Song Flower”. Releasing through Dear Stage (, Niji no Conquistador, etc.), the singer/songwriter showcases the presence of her voice and her talent as a songwriter in this studio shot promotional video. Kana lays …

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Hoshizaki Kana – Song Flower (1st Single)

Description Active as AIKATSU ☆ STARS! Slow and powerful singing voice is attractive. The most anticipated singer of the future, Hoshizaki Hanana attention first single! (C) RS AIKATSU☆STARS!としても活躍!伸びやかでパワフルな歌声が魅力。今後最も期待すべきシンガー、星咲花那注目のファースト・シングル! (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Tracklist Information CD Track List tba   ABOUT HOSHIZAKI KANA HOSHIZAKI KANA (星咲花那) joined AIKATSU …

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Moso Calibration – Bakuage↑Banzai!! (6th Single)

Moso Calibration profile image

The last single of the Moso Calibration, which is the sixth total in total. (C) RS 通算6枚目となる、妄想キャリブレーションのラストシングル。 (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information CD Track List 1. 爆アゲ↑バンザイ!! 2. 帰り道 3. 爆アゲ↑バンザイ!! -Instrumental- 4. 帰り道 -Instrumental- 5. 悲しみキャリブレーション -Live ver.- DVD Track List 1. 爆アゲ↑バンザイ!! (Music …

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