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NSK067 – Plenty of Ketchup

Recorded October 14th, 2011. This week on NSK… Ketchup Please Tron’s Catch Up Tron Eats with his Hands Dae Still Insane? Blue Passport Movie Talk – Qwickster Impressions Okie Dokey PV & B-Sides OMG Covers Not Yet – Pera Pera Perao (Buffet) Team 4 Stage – AKB PSP – Oba …

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NSK043 – Part II: Tron’s Full of Shit

Recorded May 11th, 2011. NSK continues where they left off, with discussions featuring Aika’s fractured ankle, a overview of scandals and graduations, Tokyo Girl’s Style album, photobooks, HKT48, and an impromptu creation of another show. Opening: Berryz – Hero Arawaru! Closing: Oshima Mai – Dou ni mo Kou ni mo …

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Release Calendar

Q1 2015: 01/07 – Aoyama Saint Hachamecha High School [Mechahai no Gyakushu ~Beyond the Darkness~] 01/07 – Doll Elements [Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau] 01/07 – Nogizaka46 [Toumei na Iro (Album) ] 01/07 – Pla2me [Unit] 01/07 – YuiKaori [Neo Signalife] 01/14 – KOBerrieS [Omoide Yell] 01/14 – Q’ulle …

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