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Hachimitsu Rocket – ROCKET FUTURE (5th Single)

Description Honey rocket single for the first time in about half a year. The title song is a song that will be positioned as a new standard song for the group, with Takashi Asano working on many songs such as KinKi Kids,, and TEAM SHACHI. (C) RS はちみつロケットの約半年ぶりのシングル。表題曲は作家にKinKi Kids、でんぱ組.inc、TEAM …

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New PV Alert: Tacoyaki Rainbow – Motto Motto Motto Hanasou yo -Digital Native Generation-

Winning new music today from Tacoyaki Rainbow as they get their 5th single off the ground. “Motto Motto Motto Hanasoyo -Digital Native Generation- (もっともっともっと話そうよ-Digital Native Generation-)” sees the girls from the morning toothbrushing to the inevitable Takoyaki party in the garage set to a EDM inspired instrumental track. The main …

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After a few months brewing, the rebranded TEAM SHACHI have a new single (I suppose technically their first single) on the docket for October 2. The “Official Dance Music Video” of the song “WATASHI FEVER (わたしフィーバー)” is here to start building our taste for the new release. The foursome appear …

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