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Oomori Seiko – Kusokawa PARTY (4th Album)

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Seiko Omori to JOKER! Original 4 album of major! In addition to 10 songs newly added, additionally 2 additional song playing sound sources are added by form (except for CD)!  More OOMORI SEIKO coverage from New School Kaidan   Buy Oomori Seiko’s “Kurokawa PARTY” CD + Blu ray | …

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Oomori Seiko – Muteki (Best Album)

CD Track List 1. 流星ヘブン 2. みっくしゅじゅーちゅ 3. 愛してる.com 4. SHINPIN 5. 新宿 6. TOKYO BLACK HOLE 7. 焼肉デート 8. 生kill the time 14 you、、□ 9. 子供じゃないもん17 10. 絶対彼女 11. ミッドナイト清純異性交遊 12. 夏果て 13. あたし天使の堪忍袋 14. Over The Party 15. マジックミラー 16. 呪いは水色 17. アナログシンコペーション 18. お茶碗 19. 君と映画 20. …

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New PV Alert: ZOC – Dansyari Kareshi

A second single from ZOC makes waves today with its EDM arrangement and its bad boyfriend message. “Dansyari Kareshi (断捨離彼氏), written by Oomori Seiko gives us an edgy sound that, even with all its trappings, sounds like a rock song to my ears. Sung in the dark with ever-increasing strobe …

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ZOC – Dansyari Kareshi (2nd Single)

Description T-Palette Records, an idol specialty label, has decided to release the 2nd single “disband boyfriend” of female idol group ZOC (read: Zoku). ZOC is composed of unique and unique members, led by Atsuko Omori, who is positioned as an accomplice who represents the producer, member, and comrade. A unique …

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