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Review: VSK – God Songs

If you follow me on Twitter you might remember me mentioning I wanted to do a review of this album. Well I finally got a hold of a copy so hold onto your hats as I bring you a track-by-track review. Just so you know I’m being fair and objective …

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They Work Hard For You

I had originally planned to do this article a month or so back as a community article when a bunch of AKB members were getting sick, some of them repeatedly. Things didn’t quite work out though due to a combination of me getting a more official role here at NSK …

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AKB, SKE, and NMB Trivia for All!

NSK’s newest addition, Yoshi, was inspired by Sashihara’s challenge of making 100 blog posts in 24 hours, and wanted to do something similar. He announced on twitter that he would tweet a hundred times within 24 hours about idol related material(ended up with a hundred and one). What happened was …

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