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it's good to know they care

since the popularity boom in recent months it’s been near impossible to get a ticket to see akb theater shows, which is a tiny but humble venue in which members of akb48 perform shows daily.  visitors to japan from overseas have almost no shot at getting a ticket; people apply …

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Summer Wars: review

For the past decade, Hosoda Mamosu has proved himself to be a very capable director.  He debuted with a Digimon short film, ‘Digimon Adventure’, followed by a longer Digimon feature ‘Our War Game’.  I remember seeing both films in grade school and being captivated by their unique visual style.  I’ve …

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a cannonade of cacophonous consonance.

i am speaking, of course, about the amazing japanese band that goes by the name of GO!GO!7188. for those who don’t know, GO!GO!7188 is a band that takes no prisoners as they juxtapose  relentless punk, melancholy enka, and saccharine pop in a way no one would imagine. some songs have …

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