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CROWN POP – Summer time rule (2nd Single)

Description The “Summer Time Rule”, the title song for CROWN POP, is the next-generation dance idol unit established by the 8th of August, Stardust Promotion Entertainment Division 2 and formed by junior and senior high school students who are good at dancing. I like it from time to time, “Ii …

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Chuning Candy – 19 -nineteen- (4th Single)

Description Won the 60th “Nippon Record Award New Face Award”! Shock Next Teen POP! Attention No. 1 Girls Group “Chuning Candy” Long-awaited new single release! The c / w includes the au Happy Share campaign CM song “Happy Happy” and more. 第60回「日本レコード大賞 新人賞」を獲得!衝撃のネクストティーンPOP! 注目度No.1ガールズグループ「Chuning Candy」待望のニューシングル発売! c/wにはau Happy ShareキャンペーンCMソング『Happy Happy』ほか収録。 [note: …

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