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New PV Alert: Qumali Depart – Shadaikun

The winner of the “Cutest Thing I’ve Seen Today” award belongs to Qumali Depart and their promotional video for “Shadaikun”. The group gets the full idol outfit complete with strict member color adhesion, short skirts, and (my favorite) leg covers. Putting the performance shots aside, the girls get their own …

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New PV Alert: BAND-MAID – Bubble

“Bubble”, the fifth single from BAND-MAID, gets a promotional video release with the group rocking under legend-making stage lights. The theme to the TV Drama “Perfect Crime”, the song gives us some grooving 16-beat rhythms on the drums before exploding into a double kick-drum fury in the chorus. I’m in …

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“JET GIRL” from the 19th single from RINGOMUSUME gets a general promotional video release just in time to promote the group’s third album. The apple girls get their dance shot on an airport runway, which is appropriate to the song’s title. Wearing apple shirts and denim shorts, the girls look …

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