Orange Caramel

After School is a Kpop group very similar to Morning Musume as they follow the same formula with their members. As New members from after school “join” the academy, Older members leave the group once they are ready to “graduate”. You might know these girls as they did a Korean cover to Morning Musume’s single Love Machine.

Just as Tanpopo was Morning Musume’s first subgroup, After School has created their first subgroup called Orange Caramel, The Group is going for the Cuteness Concept, which is pretty rare in the Kpop world at the moment as most of the Girl groups are going for the Sexy/Hip-hop concept. The song is pretty catchy and cute and has a big Jpop influence.Lets hope that After School has as much Success with their group and subgroups as Morning Musume did back in the day.

Some people are saying that the song sounds similar to C-ute’s song Hare no Platinum Doori from their Third Album. The Chourus does sound very similar to the Orange Caramel song. Do you hear it?

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