One Step Forward for Wasamin

Iwasa Misaki of AKB48’s Team A and subgroup Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 is not a particularly well-known member, but is a rather peculiar one. Mainly because of her affinity for the ye olde art of enka music. She showcased her passion for it several times now, performing enka songs at Team Ogi concerts and several times on televised programs.

She had changed her agency earlier this year, from the well-established Ogi Productions to the smaller Nagara Productions to pursue her niche interest in enka music. It’s been rather quiet since the move in March of this year, but the news has finally come: Wasamin will have a solo debut single on February 1st!

I always had respect for her interest and pursuit for a future in enka, even at the cost of leaving a renowned talent agency. How often do you find idols with such aspirations these days? Iwasa may not often get the spotlight, but she will always stand out to me because of her unique passion. Having grown up with Korean trot music, enka was an extremely easy transition for me and I will always have a soft spot for it. It may never become mainstream as it once was, but it will always be around in some form, and Wasamin is an example of one.


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