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As some of you may know, I, Serrina Lam, “The Nugget,” recently travelled to Japan. One of the main reasons why I wanted to go to Japan was to see Musubizm again. They’re an idol unit produced by ASOBISYSTEM, a talent label that includes Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Capsule. Their motto is to connect the kawaii culture of Japan to the rest of the world, a play on their name as Musubu means “to connect.”

I saw them a few times when they were here in August for the Orange County Japan Fair (OC Japan Fair). They completely blew my mind with how cute and fun their performances were. I wanted to see them as much as possible that weekend that I drove as fast as I could from Riverside to Costa Mesa (a distance of 50 miles) right after my final exam to catch their last concert on Saturday. Sadly, I got there right when they had finished performing and taking pictures with attendees. They had even performed “Unlucky Girl,” a song I never got to see performed on Friday or Sunday!

I definitely tried to see Musubizm as much as I could during this trip because I know I’m not going to Japan for at least another year or so. I got to see Musubizm three times this trip: once on the night I landed in Tokyo, once during Valentine’s Day, and once on February 18.

The night I landed in Japan, I rushed from Narita Airport to Shibuya to barely make it in time for Musubizm. Luckily, a fellow Musbizm fan I befriended on Twitter guided me to the music venue so I wasn’t late. I got to reunite with another fan I had met at OC Japan Fair that night as well as meet other Musubizm fans. It was a great way to start my Japan trip. I also finally got to see “Unlucky Girl” live! That was definitely a magical moment for me to finally see that song be performed in front of me. I also got to see their new stage outfits! Too cute!

via @musubizm_nami's Twitter
via @musubizm_nami ‘s Twitter (left to right: Imai Mai, Kimura Misa, Miyajima Rurika, Yamada Nami, and Shiina Eru)

After the concert, I had the opportunity to take pictures with them! Since I love them all, I bought five chekis (polaroid photos) so I could get a cheki with each member. First, I took one with Rurika. Being underaged, she had to leave within 15 minutes so she was my first cheki. Crazily enough, she remembered me from OC Japan Fair and asked if I had met them in Los Angeles. I was surprised since I look different with short, blond hair and I had met them while I had long, black hair. I told her that I did meet them in Los Angeles and she ran to the other members excitedly yelling that I was someone they had met in Los Angeles. The staff had to drag her back so I could take the photo with her but I was fine watching her running around and screaming like a kid. After Rurika, I took a photo with Imai-san. She’s so pretty and nice. She asked me what “-chan” I was and I told her “Serrina-chan!” A true snow princess asking for the names of the people! After Imai-san, I took a photo with Misa. I knew Misa was interested in English but I didn’t know she had studied in America for a while until she had told me! I spoke to her in English the whole time we were talking since she started speaking to me in English. After waiting for a bit, I was called to take a picture with Eru! Eru is so cool! Her singing is rockin’, her selfie game is strong, and the way she looks when she’s standing around, she’s like that kid you admire at school but are too intimidated to start a conversation with. In my opinion, she’s the coolest member. I asked her what pose to do and she said “L for Eru!”, a goofy pun that displayed an unexpected goofy side to her very cool image. I thought, “gap moe~” Nami was my last photo. She’s definitely the nicest member in terms of fan service. She’s always paying attention to the fans and always smiling. Musubizm’s mood maker!

Not only were the members fun to hang out with, the fans made my experience a hundred times more fun. The fans not only cheered loudly for the members, they guided me to the front row and helped me with the mixes! I saw the same people all three times and they welcomed me with open arms. The fans are very close with each other as well as the members during the events, and on the whole every concert gave off a family-like atmosphere. They were even so nice as to gift me a Musubizm towel! I think fans make the group, so I’m happy to follow a group that has such energetic and kind fans!

via @musubizm_misa ‘s Twitter (left to right: Shiina Eru, Miyajima Rurika, Kimura Misa, Yamada Nami, and Imai Mai)

There wasn’t a song I was bored of or didn’t like from their performances! They chose fun and lively songs to perform that made it fun to listen to as well as cheer them on with. First, Eru is amazing at singing. In my opinion, she’s the most skilled singer and also has a strong, deep voice to bring a more “artist” feel. Imai-san has a sweet voice and has this soft, smooth dancing style. Rurika is a ball of energy. She has a very loud, high-pitched voice that will wake you up if you ever feel sleepy at a live. She moves around a lot and covers a lot of the stage while dancing. Misa is great at singing. For someone who is a frequent fashion model and a huge fan of idols herself, I was surprised that she is also talented at singing and dancing. Lastly, just like Rurika, Nami will make you happy during concerts, even if you are feeling down! This girl is always smiling and looking at you. How can you not smile back if a cute girl is smiling and looking at you?! She does a lot of the MCs for Musubizm as well, proving to be Musubizm’s mood maker! All the members show a variety of expressions and are always smiling during performances, which is something I always look for in idol groups.

At the last Musubizm concert, I printed out copies of the chekis I took with them the night I arrived and wrote messages on them. Since I only took one cheki with Misa, I gave her all the chekis I had copy-printed to give to the other members. I only took one cheki because I kind of spent most of my money in the beginning of my trip and, since Misa is my oshimen, if I couldn’t take chekis with all five members, I wanted to take one with just my favorite member. Misa’s fun to talk to since she can speak English and I get a very casual vibe every time I do talk to her. It’s that comfortable feeling you get when you just chat with a friend over coffee. I really like talking to Misa so I’m sad I can’t talk to her again for awhile but I’m glad she accepted the chekis I gave her and thanked her for putting on great performances.

Overall, I give Musubizm 9 out of 10 nuggets for having great songs, fun members, kind fans, cute outfits, and amazing performances!

Check this group out as they’re in my top 3 favorite groups list! New School Kaidan also did an interview with them at J-POP Summit in San Francisco 2015 so check it out if this post has interested you!

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