NSK Valentine Kiss Podcast 2013

Recorded February 1st, 2013.


Kokusho Sayuri – Valentine Kiss


Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 – Valentine Kiss


Dave Chang sits down with Community members Anthony (Monkeyto) Nicholson and Rocky (OJS48) Hui to talk about idols and relationships.

Dave’s Twitter – t3hdave

Anthony’s Twitter – monkeyto

Rocky’s Twitter – ojs48

New School Kaidan Twitter – newschoolkaidan

Refer to All Night NSK 013 – Idols: My Anti-Drug

Topics discussed:

  • Ketchup
    • Where’s my chocolate!?
    • Meaning of Valentine’s Day to you?
  • Thoughts about:
    • Minegishi Minami’s scandal
    • What it’s like to be in a relationship and like idols
    • Idols being in relationships
    • Idols being friends with males
    • Hypotheticals
      • If your significant other (S.O.) didn’t like idols
      • You had to choose your S.O. or your idol
      • Would you hide your fandom from your S.O.?
      • Admitting you’re an idol fan to people other than your S.O.
  • Advice for lonely wota out there / people in the closet
  • Closing statements

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