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Holy hell, time flew by this year. We’re already halfway into the year so I took some time to reflect on the first half and gave out mad props and wags of the finger to releases from the first half of 2013.

*The picks are not in any particular order


Top Songs No One Is Talking About

Negicco – Ai no Tower of Love

Super Girls – Celebration

Alice Juuban – Zenkai Hero

Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome – Baito Fighter

Babyraids – JUMP

Why don’t you have a seat? Why aren’t you listening to these songs? They’re the mad notes, son. Some of these groups, you probably don’t recognize but they put out some stuff that EVERYONE should be checking out.


Top A-sides


no sleeves – Kirigirisujin

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Ume

BiS – BiSimulation

Babymetal – Megitsune

So, when I was coming up with this list, I was worried that I would have trouble trying to make a top 10 at the end of the year. I’m not so worried anymore. I have plenty of other A-sides that are worthy of being listed here but these songs highlight the first half of the year for me.


Top B-sides/Album Songs


AKB48 – Hasute to Wasute

Momoiro Clover Z – Kasou Dystopia

Passpo – BABY JUMP ~Tengoku he no Toujoubin~

My god, these three songs should be A-sides for crying out loud. It’s a shame that they will be treated as a B-side and album song. You can actually listen to me singing “Hasute to Wasute” here(about 3 minutes in).


Top PVs


AKB48 – Sugar Rush

BiS – MuraMura

Nogizaka46 – Shakiism

AKB48 – Hasute to Wasute

PVs have been somewhat disappointing to me this year. Here are the ones that stick out initially. I’m counting “Sugar Rush” as a release for this year since the full one came out this year.


First Half Sad Face


WTF, man. When I heard Passpo was going to release 3 singles in as many months, I was super stoked! Then I heard the songs and watched the PV… They weren’t bad at all but they did not live up to the hype of what they did last year. The best Passpo song this year is a B-side on a limited store release! SAD FACE.


C-ute… Oh, C-ute… what can I say about you… I instantly fell in love with “Sekaiichi Happy na Onnanoko”. That was almost two years ago… You literally have not had a single since then that captured my heart… Don’t do this to me, C-ute… Don’t do this to me, Tsunku…


First Half Stokes

Ono Erena

Was I skeptical of Ono Erena’s progression as a solo artist? Sure, just like everyone else. I guess some could question why she is still talked about on our site but I’m gonna put her here anyways because I’m super stoked about Ono Erena. Yeah, she’s no longer in many of yours favorite idol group but she’s built up a pretty good discography with her releases this year.


First Half Sad Face

Momoiro Clover Z

Where mah releases, mang!? Not only did their only release come out in April but they have not released anything since (I’m not going to count their indie re-release as new material) and I have not heard any announcements on their next release. I hope this means that they’re planning something big…


Second Half Stokes

Momoiro Clover Z

Why is Momoclo here again, you ask. It’s because the optimist in me (I’m usually more of a pessimist actually) is looking forward to what they got in store. They have 6 months to work with and I hope that they release AT LEAST two singles. Which shouldn’t be an impossible task but the lack of news on that front is starting to worry me…


Where You At?

Momoiro Clover Z

Kikkawa Yuu

I’ve already discussed Momoclo’s lack of singles this year but what’s going on with Kikkawa Yuu? My favorite solo idol up until what I’d like to call a lack-luster year in 2012 where her sound shifted towards Hatsune Miku thanks to SmileR. I’m not really thanking SmileR. I was being sarcastic if you didn’t catch that. I really did not enjoy any of her 2012 releases and looked forward to a new start for 2013. She has an album and a triple A-side single this year. You’re probably wondering why I’m complaining about the lack of content from her. I will gladly trade in the triple A-side where two songs were a cover and the other one composed by SmileR and her album for two singles that sound like the Kikkawa Yuu of 2011. I guess my question really is, “Kikkawa Yuu of 2011, WHERE YOU AT!?”.


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