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Hey guys! Our podcast listeners knew about this for a while, but we never really gave it a proper, public fanfare; well friends, the time is NOW! The NSK ID. It’s a tag-based imageboard for all the people out there who have a hard time finding the exact idol picture you wanted at any given moment.

We’re not really expecting the NSK ID to get huge since monumental collections of idol pictures already exist on other imageboards, but this is for those who want to be able to sort through a bunch of idol pictures in a customized and fun way. This is for all performing idols from any groups or soloists.
CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FUN. It’s also accessible from “Resources” on the top of the page and on the rotating banner.

If you want to know specifics of how this works, read the full description with guidelines by clicking below.


ALRIGHT EVERYBODY! Welcome to the NSK Image Database, or NSK ID for short. It’s my beautiful, stressful brain-child; or rather, it’s me using something awesome that already exists for my benefit. I was sick of trying to find specific idol pictures (to either show someone or post somewhere) in my gigantic folder with thousands of saved pictures. I wanted an imageboard that would let me type in specific elements of what the picture contained, and have it pop up for me. So in my search, booru-style imageboards stood out immediately.

Go on the NSK imageboard and type in “glasses”, “headphones” “eating” or “stuffed_toy”. Now tell me you’re not moe-ed to death. I love this kind of shit. The thought that I can look up any idol image that has glasses on(or headphones, or thigh-highs, or ponytails, etc) is my kind of imageboard. Note that when you click on an image, there is a column of words on the left side of the page. Those are “tags” that are specific to that image. You’ll also see grey numbers after each tag, and that shows how many other images are using that particular tag.

Danbooru-style imageboards are tag-based, meaning to search for images, you have to type one or more “tags” into the search bar. Now, the tags that are added to pictures can be practically anything. If it’s a photo of a person, one could tag it with the name of that person, what location it is, what they’re wearing— anything that defines the picture.

So if you ever really needed to find that particular picture of Kitahara Rie standing outside in the street in Russia, wearing a coat and holding an umbrella, you would type in her name, “street”, “russia”, “umbrella”, and voila! One very specific picture found almost instantly (this image exists by the way). This remedies a whole lot of things, and it beats the hell out of Google search and my cluster-fuck image folder. It sounds awesome, and it is, but there’s a few inconveniences.

First of all, no caps(that’s not even an inconvenience, imo). Second, it’s very straight-forward imageboard, but also very rigid. Type in the wrong tag on the search, and you’ll get nothing. No “Were you looking for ____?” suggestions here. I suggest navigating around the image database first to see what the existing tags are so you know which to use. If you can’t spell for shit, you’re gonna have a hard time. Another drawback is that each and every tag cannot have spaces in it. For example, if you are going to tag Kitahara Rie, you need an underscore where the space should be, so it would be tagged as “kitahara_rie”.

Tags come from the people who uploaded the images and tags can also be added by other members, so if the uploader forgot a tag or spelled it incorrectly, feel free to correct it. Generally, the more tags there are in an image, the better. Just make sure the majority of them are existing tags. If your image is the first one to have a New Zealand tag(or new_zealand, RIGHT?), you can create one. After you tag your image, take a look at them on the left column. If any of them have little or no other images tagged with the one that you used, troubleshoot a little and see if there’s a more popularly used tag for the same thing.

Now, there are a few, common-sense guidelines for this imageboard. If you take your precious time to upload a ton of pictures onto the imageboard, you don’t want them to be deleted, do you? The basic rules and points are here(and conveniently bolded). Firstly, if you’re going to upload images(and I would love you if you did), please at least tag at these THREE things:

1. What idol group they’re from (tags: morning_musume akb48 tokyo_girls_style etc)
2. How many idols are in the image (tags: solo pair trio quartet group)
3. The names of the idols in the image

Fucking easy right? YOU CAN’T MESS THAT UP IF YOU TRIED, RIGHT? I hope so. This is the most basic and mandatory tagging that you can do. But personally, I think you can do a lot better. After all, you do want people to be able to SEE the images you uploaded right? You know that awesome picture you have of that awesome member wearing thigh-highs, doing the peace sign, and taking a bite out of her food? If you don’t tag “thigh-highs”, “food”, “eating”, or “peace_sign”, no one will find it when they search for any of those terms— and that is a shame, my friend. But hey, if you’re in a hurry and just wanna just tag the three mandatory ones, that’s perfectly okay; hopefully a few samaritan members will fill them out.

If an image DOESN’T have the three mandatory tags, they’re likely to be DELETED— and we don’t want that. As an added note, if the idols are part of a subgroup, please include that tag as well. If they are wearing outfits that are specific to a certain single, please tag those. Last very important thing about tagging: all tags are to be separated by a space, NOT COMMAS. It will be bad for your image if you do.

Not sure what to tag a certain thing in the image? Look for other images on the board with something similar, see what they use, and use that. Are you going to tag “hot_dog”? You better tag “food” as well. You’ll get the knack of “umbrella tagging”; take the tag “swimsuit” for example. “bikini” is a swimsuit too, right? If the image has someone wearing a bikini, you need to tag “swimsuit” AND “bikini”, “swimsuit” being the umbrella tag. You’ll find more these as you look around the board, such as “phone”. “phone” is the umbrella tag, and then you can add more specific tags, like “cellphone”, or “iphone”. Don’t jump straight to specifics; think about broader terms you can use. Always, always, always look at other images on the board for examples. If you see a tag that hundreds of images use, it’s probably safe.

Just a few more important guidelines to go. If the image is tiny, like so small that the thumbnail of the image is around the same ballpark size as the full size image? That’s probably not gonna fly. The very few exceptions I will make of this rule is if the image has a really unique element to it. Sounds vague as shit right? Don’t be surprised if our staff deletes that coin-sized picture you uploaded. Magazines, photobooks, digital photo sets, this stuff is all good, and that’s primarily what we want: big, beautiful, quality images.

I’m not too big on blog photos, mostly because many of them are in terrible res, and just kinda boring, but I will allow them (with gritted teeth). Just don’t go TOO crazy. Upload blog photos that you especially like, or are funny or interesting. You don’t have to dump every damn thing in there; I don’t want interesting images overshadowed by a ton of similar-looking images. Another good general rule is NO SCREENCAPS, for obvious reasons. The fact that the board can be completely flooded with them is a concern, and it’s something we can’t find a compromise for at the moment. Also, for the time being, NO GIFS please.

One special case. Macros and memes are allowed, but they are confined to the “macro” and “meme” tag. Don’t add ANY more tags other than those two. Some of the staff were against having them on the board but I have a soft spot for them, so go ahead and upload any great macros you find. Also, this is the only exception to the NO SCREENCAPS rule.

I think I’m an average, perfectly unremarkable guy, and I picked this up pretty quickly. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never used something like this before. I uploaded over 2,600 images on this board in the past few months just to have a jumping off point, and tagged all of them, with an average of 10-15 tags per picture. I found that the constant scanning for tags had the helpful side affect of significantly increasing my visual awareness. Not just that, but it created in me a new-found appreciation for idol pictures. If you get the hang of this, you can do this shit in your sleep. Just use your common sense.

That just about covers most of the big points. Before you get all gung-ho about uploading images, my personal recommendation is to enjoy the board as a viewer first. Click on various images, look at what they’re tagged with, click on a tag you like and just get lost in it. Once you get more familiar with the board, you’ll become aware of plenty of fun tags. “sashiharassment”, “melonpan_alliance”, and “hengao” just to name a few. And who doesn’t want to search for images of idols eating, or sleeping, or wearing bikinis? This is the way to organize.

If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear ’em.


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