NSK 197 – We start with a midget in a bed

New School Kaidan Podcast

Recorded July 15th, 2014.

Opening and Ending graciously provided by DJ Amaya. Support him at bandcamp!




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  • Love Live voice actresses Pile (Role: Nishikino Maki) and Riho Iida (Role: Hoshizora Rin) to form new idol group “4to6” and their debut single “Watashi no Tokei wa Gyaku Kaiten” to be released 8/20
  • YuiKaori’s lastest single “Intro Situation” sells 8791 copies and ranks 7th first week on Oricon
  • Doll☆Elements latest single “Kimi no Negai Kanaetai” sells 6763 and ranks 8th first week on Oricon
  • Sunmyu’s latest single “Junjou Mermaid” sells 3794 copies and ranks 13th first week on Oricon
  • Dianna☆Sweet’s latest single “Ice Cream Magic” sells 3524 copies and ranks 15th first week on Oricon
  • Up Up Girls latest single “Zenryoku! Pump Up!! / Konno Melody wo Kimi to” sells 2602  copies and ranks 22nd first week on Oricon
  • BiS’s last album “Uryaoi!” sells 8429 copies and ranks 11th first week on Oricon
  • Babyraids latest album “Jiko Shoukai” sells 6456 copies and ranks 14th first week on Oricon
  • Itano Tomomi’s latest album “SxWxAxG” sells 19863 copies and ranks 6th first week on Oricon

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