NSK 116 – Momoiro Crowbar Z

Recorded October 11th, 2012.


Love Innovation – Morning Musume


Cat’s Eye – Berryz Koubou x C-ute


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Morning Musume’s “Wakuteka Take a Chance” enters Oricon chart at #3 with 54k sold first day
Kikkawa Yuu to release Vocaloid cover album
2 New Hello Satoyama Units Announced; Single Releases Also Confirmed


Senshuuraku of all 4 current AKB stages announced
NMB48 KKS, Azuma Yuki, Koyanagi Arisa, Yamamoto Hitomi have been promoted to Team M
NMB48 Team BII announced. Members are all third generation. They are Akazawa Hono, Ishizuka Akari, Ijiri Anna, Ueda Mirei, Umehara Mako, Ota Yuuri, Kato Yuuka, Kamieda Emika, Kusaka Konomi, Kushiro Rina, Kurokawa Hazuki, Kouno Saki, Kobayashi Rikako, Muro Kanako, Yabushita Shuu, and Yamauchi Tsubasa.
NMB48 KKS Tougou Sora to graduate to focus on studies
Matsui Sakiko’s piano album is the highest ranking debut for a piano soloist by selling 10k copies in the first week
Nogizaka46 4th single senbatsu announced


PASSPO to release album titled, “One World” on November 14th
Fairies to release 5th single, “White Angel” on November 14th
BABYMETAL major debut single ‘Ijime, Dame, Zettai’ on January 9th, 2013

Viewer Question

With Maeda Atsuko’s graduation, it left an open spot in AKB48’s Kami7. Kashiwagi Yuki, technically being the latest member to get the rank of “kami”, filled in her empty spot. However, I thought “what if another AKB kami member left soon?”

Sashihara Rino couldn’t fill in AKB48’s Kami7 because of her transfer to Hakata. Matsui Rena couldnt because she is not a member of AKB48. Matsui Jurina could but who knows how long her concurrent position will last in AKB. And, Miyazawa Sae is going to Shanghai48 pretty soon.

Looking at this year’s General Elections, there is a clear gap between rank 11 (Miyazawa) and the rest of the Senbatsu rank 12-16. And I think next year the top 11’s order wont change much, compared to the rank 12-16 area.

So, my question to you guys is: Who in AKB48 could be “worthy” enough to be granted to rank of “kami”? Also, who are your “next generation kami7”?

-Anti Eater

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