No Chicken! No Life! An Intro to the Nugget Life! NSK’s first panel about chicken nuggets and idols

Anime Los Angeles 2016 was held just a few weekends ago on January 29th-31st in Ontario, California. New School Kaidan (NSK) also held our first panel here, named “No Idols! No Life! An Intro to the Wota Life!” where David, Serrina, Jimmy, and I spread our love for idols to the masses and taught them what it means to be an idol fan. Speaking in front of big crowds has never been my forte so I was actually really nervous, but I’d like to think it turned out well for our first panel, despite a few hiccups.

Check out the video of our panel at Anime Los Angeles, shot with my big expensive potato of a camcorder. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for future panels!

About NSK

New School Kaidan is a community-focused website for the Japanese idol industry international fan base. Between podcasts, broadcasts, events, and analytic articles, New School Kaidan aims to bring an understanding of idol culture to the masses.