New PV Alert: Zettai Chokkyu Joshi! Playballs – MR. GREEN LIGHT

The baseball idols come back for the 2019 season with this upbeat promotional video that takes the girls in a beat up van to the field of dreams. “Mr. Green Light” is a lot of fun as the members are picked up one by one and brought to their beachside baseball park. The pop punk arrangement is peppy and sure to bring a smile to your face. You can find “Mr. Green Light” on Zettai Chokkyu Joshi! Playballs! 3rd album available on digital format from the retailers listed below.





Zettai Chokkyu Joshi! Playballs! promoting “Mr. Green Light”



Zettai Chokkyu Joshi! Playballs (絶対直球女子!プレイボールズ) is a Japanese idol group with the theme of promoting baseball and softball, which was formed in June 2015. The group’s music, dance, costumes are all unique baseball idols. Among the members, there are members who have been involved in baseball such as active softball baseball club, former softball club, wind band club, etc. Zettai Chokkyu Joshi! Playballs! currently includes members Hifumi Rui (一二三 塁), Ogasawara Kanae (小笠原 叶恵), Matsui Nana (松井 奈々), Shinozuka Tsugumi (篠塚 つぐみ), Ohkuma Kokoro (大熊 こころ), Kihara Miku (木原 美空), Aya Martinez Takagi (高木 マルティネス 綾), Kuroki Miho (黒木 美帆), and Oku Airi (奥 愛梨).
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