New PV Alert: Zenbu Kimi no Seida – Boku Tabetamo Kimi no Subete wo

Released on July 13, “Yami Kawaii” idols Zenbu Kimi no Sei da uploaded the promotional video for “Boku Tabetamo Kimi no Subete wo” yesterday. The group’s name translates to “It’s all your fault”, and the group’s image concept, yami kawaii, focuses on sick cuteness, so think about pale-looking girls that need your protection. I personally enjoyed the black and white visuals and slightly claustrophobic feel of of “Boku Tabetamo Kimi no Subete wo” for a nice change of pace from all the summer PVs we’ve been seeing recently- as expected of the yami kawaii, right? The group also picks the perfect movie backdrop, “Roman Holiday”, about another famous (involuntary) shut-in. The transition to color is spoiled in the thumbnail images, but don’t let that ruin your fun. It’s summer for everyone, after all.

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