New PV Alert: Yurumerumo! – Supriser!

SURPRISE! Yurumerumo! has a new lineup and a new album set for release in the next week. In summary: OUT- Ano, IN- Nani and Nerun. Now at five members, Yurumerumo! still cleave to the cut up, mixed up porridge of styles with a few stark changes in sound on this latest PV, “Supriser! (サプライザー!)”. In their day-glo accented outfits, the girls get up to a memorable performance shot with flashing spots trained on the camera’s viewfinder. Not surprisingly, the more experienced members do the majority of the heavy lifting on “Surpriser!”; I’d expect to see Nani and Nerun up on the take in the near future, though. “Supriser”, from the album of the same name, goes on sale February 26, 2020.





Yurumerumo! promoting “Surpriser!”



Yurumerumo! (ゆるめるも!) or “You’ll Melt More!” is a New Wave Girls Group formed on October 4, 2012. Their catchphrase is “We came to loosen everyone’s heart! We, You’ll Melt More, more!” The group’s name is a play on words between the name of the idol unit and the verb “yurumeru” meaning “loosen” in Japanese. The group’s current lineup includes Kechon (けちょん), Chiffon (しふぉん), Younapi (ようなぴ), Nani (なに), and Nerun (ねるん).
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