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From WHY@DOLL’s 1st EP release from T-Palette Records, “Que sera sera (ケ・セラ・セラ)”, Chiharu and Haruna get out of town for a relaxing vacation at an onsen in Ito, Shizuoka. The girls take a train down from Tokyo, take a tour of the water in a glass bottom boat, and eventually get to the onsen itself. And, it looks like A LOT of fun! WHY@DOLL goof around on the train and end up falling asleep on each other, and it looks fun. They hit Ito Marine town to looks at the marine life only to end up dodging seagulls on the ship’s deck, and it looks like fun. Finally, WHY@DOLL enjoy a delicious meal in their yukata at their ryokan and selfie every moment until falling asleep on their futon. WHY@DOLL look like the best of friends. Hell, I’m jealous of Chiharu and Haruna’s friendship! The soundtrack adds to the experience with its light and funky sounds. The girls harmonize lovingly together in ways that’s probably only possible because of their long relationship. “Que sera sera” is a great song and a great PV that should get more people interested in WHY@DOLL. “Hey!”, the first EP from WHY@DOLL is now available at the retailers listed below.





WHY@DOLL promoting “Hey!”



Why@Doll (ほわどる) is a Japanese idol group formed in May 2011 originally from Sapporo, Hokkaido (now based in Tokyo). Originally a 5 member group, WHY@DOLL was part of Team Crerekko! (Teamくれれっ娘!) along with Snow Drop and Merci♡Coco. WHY@DOLL moved to Tokyo in 2013 to improve their skills as idols and make their major debut. WHY@DOLL perform a mix of City Pop, R & B, Disco, Funk, etc. : a comfortable music that makes you feel nostalgic somewhere, and a girls unit with healing weapons that healing created by their unique “loose-feel” feeling. WHY@DOLL’s current lineup includes members Aoki Chiharu (青木千春) and Uratani Haruna (浦谷はるな).
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