New PV Alert: UP UP GIRLS (kakko KARI) – Ai Ai Fire!! / Watashitachi (with friend)

UP UP GIRLS (kakko KARI) – Ai Ai Fire!!

After that bikini display, I was wondering if we would get a proper promotional video for UP UP GIRLS (kakko KARI) “Ai Ai Fire!!”. Well, I shouldn’t have worried too much, because the girls have a pyrotechnic spectacular in store for you, me, us. In a scrapyard, the girls give us their best performance in their shiny performance outfits while torches blast fiery plumes upward. UP UP GIRLS even get a party performance in the round with their faithful dancing along. I should also mention the alternates shots of the girls in their workout, boxing gear looking quite tough amidst the scrap metal piles.




UP UP GIRLS (kakko KARI) – Watashitashi (with FRIEND)

Watashitachi (with FRIEND) looks positively frugal next to its A-side partner. The girls spend the promotional video in studio recording the track with their backing musicians. The key shots are here: solo vocal takes of the girls through the iso-booth glass, the girls laughing it up in the control room, musicians ripping things up at their respective instruments, and the always popular gang vocal takes. Of course, I really enjoy these looks at the groups as they work in the behind the scenes. I also know that many of you won’t be as fascinated with this aspect of idol life. Remember, UP UP GIRLS (kakko KARI) hold their “Live of All Songs”, which I am told is quite literal, on December 27, 2018. “Ai Ai Fire!! / Watashitachi (with FRIEND)” goes on sale November 6, 2018.





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UP UP GIRLS (kakko kari) promoting “5th Album (kari)”

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