New PV Alert: Up Up Girls (kakko KARI) – Agenomics!!

The lead track from UP UP GIRLS (kakko KARI) gets a promotional video that builds on the energy of the song. Told through a green screen background replacement, “Agenomics!!” take us on a tour of the sights of idol Tokyo and through the promotional videos of the group itself. The pace is upbeat and frantic, which seems to be a speciality of the UP UP Girls themselves. There’s plenty of suggestions of where you should be yelling “WASSHOI!!” in this festival of a song. The five girls don’t actually give us choreography throughout the virtual trip; instead we get full body freakouts from the girls as they keep the mood up. “Agenomics!!” is definite party music for you idol devotees. Try to keep up. “Agenomics!! / Kimi Loss / Upper Ranbu”, the 25th single from UP UP GIRLS (kakko KARI) goes on sale on February 19, 2019.





UP UP GIRLS (kakko KARI) promoting “Agenomics!! / Kimi Loss / Upper Ranbu”



Up Up Girls (Kari) (アップアップガールズ(仮); pronounced Up Up Girls Kakko Kari), or simply Up Up Girls, is a Japanese girl group originally consisting of seven former Hello Pro Kenshuusei members currently under UP-FRONT CREATE. They were originally known as Up Front Girls (Kari) (アップフロントガールズ(仮)), but they changed to their current name in June, 2011. The last part of their name, (仮), read ‘kakko kari’ is often used as a logo to represent the group. Their name is often shortened to Apuga (アプガ). Up Up Girls (kakko KARI)’s current lineup includes members Furukawa Konatsu (古川小夏), Mori Saki (森咲樹), Saho Akari (佐保明梨), Sekine Azusa (関根梓), and Arai Manami (新井愛瞳).
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