New PV Alert: Up Up Girls (2) – Kakatte Kinasai

On their fifth single, the Up Up Girls (2) put on the whites of a bride and jam sentimentally to a Tsunku beat. With veils and wedding jewels in full display, the sister group dress themselves about the cantilevered steps of the pure white location shoot. The trick hiding up Tsunku’s sleeve for “Kakkatte Kinasai” is a slippery shift in tempo feel as rhythm tracks quantize to half-notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes. Yoshikawa Mayu and girls play up the quickening with a choreography that ramps up to a frenzied wave of elbows and arm thrusts. And while there might be performance outfits, you’re going to remember “Kakkatte Kinasai” for the girls veiled in their wedding whites. You can buy Up Up Girls (2)’s latest single in stores starting on December 25, 2018.





Up Up Girls (2) promoting “Kakatte Kinasai / OVER DRIVE”



UP UP GIRLS (2) was formed in 2017 as a sister group to Up Up Girls (kakko KARI) The group records under Tower Record ‘s idol special label ” T-Palette Records “. Their current lineup includes Takahagi Chinatsu (高萩千夏), Yoshikawa Mayu (吉川茉優), Kajishima Aya (鍛治島彩), Hashimura Riko (橋村理子), Nakaoki Rin, (中沖凜), Sasaki Honoka (佐々木ほのか), and Nakagawa Chiharu (中川千尋).
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