New PV Alert: Tokyo Rockets – SAKURA PROMISE

Tokyo Rockets get a glittering new promotional video for their 1st single on ROCKET BEATS (2nd single overall). The group dresses in pale purples and whites from their dance shot in an attractive circular foyer, while solo shots put the five girls amidst the titular sakura are along the shoreline. The rock arrangement highlights the syncopated rhythms of the melodies with a few melodic surprises along the way. Tokyo Rockets might be a surprise favorite with its attractive lineup and melodic rock sensibilities. The song definitely grew on me as I watched it for this New PV Alert. You can buy Tokyo Rockets’s “SAKURA PROMISE” in stores now.





Tokyo Rockets promoting “SAKURA PROMISE”



Tokyo Rockets (formerly written as 東京ロケッツ) is a Japanese idol group formed in 2013. They are a sister group of Party Rockets. Tokyo Rockets perform idol rock songs and give energetic live performances. Tokyo Rockets held their debut live in October 2013 at Akiba Cultures Theater. The event was sold out. 250 persons attended the performance. Following this success, their 1st one-man live was held in November 2013 at Shibuya WWW. Tokyo Rockets’ 1st single Shunkan Shoujo Houkai (瞬間少女崩壊) was released in April 2015. Tokyo Rocket’s current lineup includes members Asahi Kana (朝日 花奈), Shiraishi Saki (白石 彩妃), Sakamoto Miku (坂本 実紅), Asari Momoko (浅利 桃子), and Uematsu Sae (植松 咲衣).
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Buy Tokyo Rockets’s “SAKURA PROMISE

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