New PV Alert: Tokyo Performance Doll – SUPER DUPER

[Note: This promotional video is currently blocked in North America]

Tokyo Performance Doll is celebrating the 5th anniversary of their (2nd) formation with a new single filled with the freshness of summer. This short version finds the girls hitchhiking along the beach to a place called “SUPER DUPER”. It seems the girls’ tour bus didn’t get them where they needed to go. A flashback (flashforward?) scene puts the girls in a beachside cottage where the vintage cameras come out for selfies and candid shots. If we’re at the beach and the weather is turning warm, then of course we need to include a dance shot on the sand. I gotta say, “SUPER DUPER” checks off all the boxes for me: the girls look really cute, the melody is light and catchy, and the PV concept plays to the girls’ strengths. This short version doesn’t take us much past the first chorus and its vaguely Abba-esque melodies (although maybe it’s just the song title). In her stylish denim and Beastie Boys tee, Nana breaks into a rap that I wish I could hear the rest of. But, don’t worry for me: “SUPER DUPER” is on my shopping list. You can add “SUPER DUPER” to your carts when it hits stores on June 12, 2019.





Tokyo Performance Doll promoting “SUPER DUPER”



Tokyo Performance Doll also known as TPD (東京パフォーマンスドール) is a J-pop idol girl group that existed from 1990 to 1996 and was revived in 2013. Inspired by Onyanko Club, it had seven main members and several other “trainees” for live performances, a formula later followed by Morning Musume, AKB48, and others. TPD was based in Tokyo, and launched sister-bands in other cities: Osaka Performance Doll in 1993 and Shanghai Performance Doll in 1996. It was announced in June 2014 that after 17 years, the group was being revived with an all new line up. Tokyo Performance Doll’s current lineup includes Takashima Nana (高嶋菜七), Jonishi Seira (上西星来), Sakurai Saki (櫻井紗季), Hamasaki Kaho (浜崎香帆), Waki Akari (脇あかり), and Tachibana Futaba (橘二葉).
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