New PV Alert: Tokyo Girls’ Style – Kiss hitotsu de

The coupling song for Tokyo Girls’ Style’s latest release, “Kiss wa agenai”, gets a playful promotional video release. “Kiss hitotsu de” findes Miyu, Yuri, Mei, and Hitomi about the bayside making like Bob Dylan in “Subterranean Homesick Blues” holding up lyric cards for the camera. The checkerboard patterns and smiles make the PV look less emotionally wrought than the last few releases, and this is a welcome change of pace. Even when the girls execute their dance shot with the riverside behind them, it’s all smiles and goofs from the foursome. This is important: I’d hate to think that TGS no longer enjoys their life as artists/idols/???. I really hope “Kiss hitotsu de” is the self-produced video the narrative would have us believe. Tokyo Girls’ Style’s 25th single, “Kiss wa agenai” is now on sale wherever you find your Japanese music.


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Tokyo Girls’ Style promoting “kiss wa agenai”
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