New PV Alert: Team Syachihoko – Syacchi-Chance

On 29th March 2018, Team Syachihoko performed their new song “Syacchi-Chance” in an opening ceremony held at Kinshachi-Yokocho Gourmet Town which was built to revitalize Nagoya and to attract foreign tourists. So, what we have here is a bit of idol tourism with the girls from Team Syachihoko hoping to lure you into Nagoya. The traditional inflections of “Syacchi-Chance” do a great job of showcasing the historic past of Nagoya with numerous shots of Nagoya Castle, the historic streets, and the Nagoya TV Tower. The girls themselves wax traditional with with kimono inspired outfits and shachihoko headdresses to complement the traditional instruments of the song. In the end, “Syacchi-Chance” is a promotional video that promotes Nagoya: enjoy the sights and should you get the chance do the girls proud by visiting their hometown.



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Team Syachihoko

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