New PV Alert: RYUTIST – Majime ni koishite

For their 8th anniversary, RYUTist release the 7 inch disc “Majime ni koishite (Majimeに恋して)”. The retro melodies of the group get a decidedly upbeat arrangement as the girls emote from their colored backgrounds like an idol version of the Brady Bunch. A bit later in the promotional video, the girls get loose on the streets of Niigata, and of course its really cute. Unfortunately, I can’t really direct you to purchasing links for “Majime ni koishite”, since my usual retailers aren’t carrying the disc (not yet anyways). Regardless, “Majime ni koishite”, the 8th anniversary song of RYUTist, goes on sale July 24, 2019.

RYUTist promoting “Sensitive sign”

RYUTIST (りゅーてぃすと, stylized RYUTist) is a Japanese female idol group based in Niigata. RYUTist formed in May 2011. The name of the group is a contraction of the words “Ryuto” (柳都), which is a nickname for Niigata city, and “Artist”. RYUTist held their 1st live performance in July 2011 and is affiliated with Ryuto Artist Farm. RYUTist’s current lineup includes members Ikarashi Muu (五十嵐 夢羽), Uno Tomoe (宇野 友恵), Yokoyama Miku (横山 実郁), and Satou Nonoko (佐藤 乃々子).
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