New PV Alert: Run Girls, Run! – Break the Blue!!

Here with the opening theme to the anime “Girly Air Force” we get Run Girls, Run! The unit, conceived as the sister VA unit to Wake Up, Girls!, get the girly air force costumes you would expect for such a theme. And, in the void left by the dissolution of idol-dom’s go-to airline themed group, Run Girls, Run! fit uniforms quite nicely. The anime “Girly Air Force” is exactly what it sounds like (if you’re following the tide of anime), but at least “Break the Blue!!” yielded a nice theme song filled with the sounds of urgency. “Break the Blue!!” sounds like the fate of humanity lies in the hands of a 16 year-old boy who is unsure whether he should get in the robot. Well, enough fun out of me. You know I quite like the Wake Up, Girls franchise, so I think Run Girls, Run! do a smash up job here with the short version of “Break the Blue!!”. You can buu Run Girls Run!’s fourth single, “Break the Blue!!” in stores starting on February 6, 2019.





Run Girls, Run! promoting “Break the Blue!!”



Run Girls, Run! (abbreviated as RGR) is an idol group created for the Wake Up, Girls! (franchise). Run Girls, Run! (abbreviated as RGR) is an idol group created for the Wake Up, Girls! (franchise)Run Girls, Run! were selected from the 2,000 entries in the “avex x 81 Produce Wake Up, Girls! AUDITION 3rd Anisong Vocal Audition” to become the Voice Actor Unit and sister group to Wake Up, Girls! The group made their real life debut at the July 30, 2017 Wonder Festival “WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!!26” event by singing covers of “16-Sai no Agape” and “Tachiagare!”.In addition to voice acting activities, Run Girls, Run! are also engaged in artistic activities, including singing the theme song of TV anime “Kiratto Puri Chan” currently broadcasting and TV anime “Girly Air Force”. Run Girls, Run! currently includes Hayashi Koko (林 鼓子), Morishima Yuuka (森嶋 優花), and Atsugi Nanami (厚木 那奈美).
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