New PV Alert: Qumali Depart – Goku LOVE Jodo

Do you miss the Hello! Project style disco of the early 2000s? Well, Sakurai Kenta, the producer of Qumali Depart (and Maison Book Girl) teams up with Dance☆Man for this disco fantastic offering from Qumali Depart. “Goku LOVE Jodo (極LOVE浄土)” carries so much of the DNA of those classic idol songs that it’s really difficult to listen to the song without getting some of those warm feelings. I think the last time Qumali Depart saw us, I shot my mouth off on Twitter about how H!P “Udagawa Yokkyuu” sounded. But I should talk more about the song. Well, you’ve got Dance☆Man behind the scenes so you know “Goku LOVE Jodo” is funky like year-old soft cheese. Strobing lights highlight the girls’ dance shot while <ZOC‘s Kashii Katy spins the tunes in her guest spot. Add in a trumpet solo from KUWA☆MAN and we’re in danger of having too much to talk about. Regardless, I’ve been REALLY enjoying the releases from Qumali Depart, and I really recommend giving this one a listen. You can buy “Goku LOVE Jodo” in stores starting on November 5, 2019.





Qumali Depart promoting “Goku LOVE Jodo”



QUMALI DEPART (クマリデパート) is an idol group produced by Sakurai Kenta and ekoms. Qumali Depart was formed in 2016 around MissID2016 finalist Pai Risako and semi finalist Yuu Nako. Qumali Depart’s current lineup includes Sao Niko (早桜 ニコ), Yuu Nako (優雨 ナコ), Oda Ayane (小田 アヤネ), and Kaede Fuka (楓 フウカ).
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