New PV Alert: Q’ulle – Mienai start

You’ll have to forgive me: I don’t really know what this DYNAMITE BOAT RACE is all about. I know that Q’ulle, the idol dance group born from Danceroid have this nifty “Mienai start” collaboration. Now, I imagine there are six boats with the same colors as the outfits cycled through the promotional video, there are lots of water splashing around, and the sound of jet engines as the boats race past the onlookers. You know I’m only here for the Q’ulle and this latest promotional video look. Basically a dance shot video, Q’ulle leap through their choreography while different outfits and colors flash through. The most shocking part about “Mienai start” is th seamless editing between the different takes of the dance shot. The amount of precision needed to pull off this kind of cutting must have been staggering. If you can’t get enough of “Mienai start”, you can look up the solo versions for each member.

Bonus dance cover version to the original version of “Mienai start” (I’m guessing)



Q'ulle profile image
Q’ulle promoting “Connect Light”

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